Thursday, August 22, 2013

What do social media marketers do, anyway; a Pinterest primer and more

Welcome to the new site for Social Media News for Writers! Like a child who's turned 13, I figured SMNW had outgrown sharing its space with my personal book news and it was time for SMNW to have a room of its own. I wussed out on moving to Word Press, though (Blogger was easier. And free). Anyway, I would appreciate it a whole lot if you would invite your writer friends to check out the new digs. And feel free to subscribe to the blog by email so you'll never miss a new post. Now, let's get on to this week's news: a social media marketer shares her daily routine (and gives you an idea of how to manage your time), traditional vs. self publishing by the numbers (thanks, Courtney Milan!), a primer on the ins and outs of Pinterest, tips for a more successful live event, cheap help for minor graphic design fixes, and how to promote your book on Google+. But first--an infographic! 

Even more Facebook statistics: 40 percent of Americans use FB every day. And, according to Pew, which is absolutely obsessed with social media usage by Americans, it is a myth that youngsters use Pinterest and Instagram more than adults. Or that young people are staying away from Facebook. Another urban myth bites the dust.

A day in the life of a social media marketer: Many of us probably dream of being able to hire someone to take care of our social media duties for us (and some lucky writers do just that. I'd love to get a couple of them to tell me how much it costs and what they get for their money.) In case you were wondering what a social media professional does, take a look at "A Day in the Life of a Social Media Marketer" from Social Media Today. It should give you an idea what you should be doing to promote yourself and how much time you should spend doing it. Btw, I quibble with her estimate that she spends two minutes promoting her post across various platforms. Two minutes doesn't get you very far, no matter how fast you type. 

What are your rights worth? Smart cookie and romance author Courtney Milan shows you how to think about whether you're better off going with a traditional publisher or publishing yourself by running the numbers. *Your actual mileage may vary.

How to get more followers on Pinterest: The principles for building an audience on any social media platform are pretty much the same--interact with others--but this article from Social Media Examiner talks you through the ins and outs of Pinterest.

And if Pinterest plays big in the marketing plans for your book--say, if you have a cookbook or wedding planning guide--you or your publisher might want to subscribe to Pin League, a Pinterest analytics tool. For example, it will help you find the big pinners in your category. Analytics are still kind of scarce on Pinterest itself; hopefully Pin League can help fill this gap.

Graphic design help: I don't know about you but one of my biggest problems these days is finding a good graphic designer. Someone who is proficient in the style I need and can do good work quickly, but doesn't charge an arm and a leg. So I was excited to see that 99designs, a crowdsourced graphic design site, launched Swiftly, which offers small design fixes for a $15 flat fee. They're talking really tiny, though: adjustments to existing projects, like adding a new logo to your banner ads or cleaning up your business card.

Tips for a more successful live event: PW's Shelftalker columnist and bookstore owner Josie Leavitt tells us how she promotes live events in her store.

Using Google+ to promote your book: With 500 million users, Google+ is touted as the second largest social network in the world. That would seem to make it an ideal place to meet potential readers, yes? This article from Digital Book World gives five simple tips to get you started.

Mashable's list of the 10 most talked-about brands on Facebook: Coke has over 1 million people talking about it on FB. Maybe we authors have little in common with a giant brand like Coke, but we can take a look at this FB pages to see if there's an idea or two (a great contest, a theme) to steal.

How not to tell a dystopian tale: Okay, this isn't social media but it's in Wired so it's fair game. Using Elysium as an example, Wired tells you how not to suck the life out of your dystopian story.

For the geeks: This just in: Facebook uses four different kind of servers according to a manufacturer who supplies, uhm, at least some of them.

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